Open Source

The wheels would fall off the computing world without open source software. We believe in being a part of it, both contributing to projects and making our software open source where possible.

Open Source Projects

Our current open source efforts are centered around a set of simple C++ libraries for testing code and developing applications without having to involve monolithic frameworks. Boost, Qt and so on are great, but sometimes an application doesn’t require their full weight and added complexity.

The philosophy behind them is that they should:

  • Be simple to use
  • Have no dependencies, or the fewest possible
  • Be header only, and if possible only one header file
  • Be cross platform

We’ve uploaded Nuget packages for the following libraries as well. To use them in Visual Studio right-click on a solution or project, select “Manage Nuget Packages” and search for Wild Coast.

Adding Nuget Packages
Adding Nuget Packages

Details on how to use the libraries are on the Github project pages, listed below.

We welcome feedback and contribution to these libraries but new features that impact the simplicity of using them will need to have a compelling reason to be included.

Unit Testing

Unit testing is where good code starts, and this library is used to test pretty much all new C++ code we write.

Command Line Handling

This library makes it easy to handle command line flags and arguments for a console application.


It’s important for a production application to produce clear and useful logs.

Open Source Contribution

We often use WordPress to drive small business and club websites. It’s industry standard open source software and we’ve contributed back a theme bug fix we found when working on the Northern Zone website.

WordPress Bug Fix